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The term “essay” sounds very simple on paper. It’s a piece of writing with a prominent introduction, body, and conclusion. Right?
Well, it’s not that simple. An essay can belong to plenty of categories. The four main categories are narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and expository. Then again, any one of these types may not align with your needs completely. That’s where custom college essays for sale come into play.

Features of CollegeEssaysForSale

It’s not only the writers that make us an authority in the academic writing industry. Rather, our entire business model is based on customer satisfaction, one or the other. So, here goes the features that we’re most proud of.

Money Back Guarantees
Money Back Guarantees
We’re a team of confident individuals. That goes for the writers as well as the management. So, if you’re not satisfied with our submission, we’ll refund your money right away. Although it’s a very unlikely case for us, we have records of justified refunds throughout our journey.
Strict Privacy Policies
Strict Privacy Policies
Breaching of online privacy is a major concern these days, and college students are not free from it. It’s important that you don’t fall victim to it when getting custom essays for sale cheap. As for our services, we guarantee your privacy. We only need your email address, and you remain completely anonymous to us. We highly recommend that you follow the same practice when communicating with our writers.
Writers with Academic Backgrounds
Writers with Academic Backgrounds
As we’ve already covered in a previous section, all of our writers are distinctive academics. We have graduates, postgraduates, and even Ph.D. holders in our list of writers to provide the most value for our clients, as in you!

How to Place a Custom Essay for Sale Order?

If you haven’t taken our service previously, you’d be glad to know that it’s not rocket science. Just follow the quick steps below.

Step 1: Providing Instructions
Step 1: Providing Instructions
The instructions you provide us for your custom essay are crucial. It’s the instructions that make an essay “custom” to your needs in the first place. Apart from the order form, please feel free to communicate with the writer directly to provide them with additional materials.
Step 2: Paying for the Order
Step 2: Paying for the Order
As long as you have 2CheckOut or PayPal in the US, you can pay us within a few seconds. Your order is only confirmed with us after the payment is complete.
Step 3: Selecting the Writer
Step 3: Selecting the Writer
You’re free to choose your own writer based on academic qualifications and customer reviews.
Step 4: Receiving Your Paper
Step 4: Receiving Your Paper
We’ll send the complete article in your email, along with revisions.

What are Custom Essays?

Well, it’s a fairly self-explanatory term. The essays that you can customize are considered custom essays. It means the final product will fit your needs perfectly. The best thing is that the CollegeEssaysForSale team is readily available by your side to provide the highest quality college paper in the shortest possible time.

One of the main ingredients required for custom essays is industry knowledge. If the writer is not familiar with your particular industry, even paying top dollar won’t do you any good.

Thankfully, that’s not the case for us, and our custom essays for sale cheap offers. Our goal is to blend affordability with quality to generate a professional report for your college.

How Does the Service Work?

You might be wondering how works. Well, our business model is fairly simple. You provide us with your needs and let us know when you need them. Our writers will complete the project and get back to you.

However, we do follow a format for the project to work well. After all, we have hundreds of requests coming in every day that we need to manage.

The very first thing you do is sign up with your email address. That’s our primary communication channel, apart from the chat function on our website.

After you land on the custom college essays for sale page, you’ll find a form where you need to dial in the requirements. We need to know how many pages the report must be, what type of spacing you want, what your course level is, and how soon you need it done.

From there, you can provide additional material via email to the writer directly for a more engaging and accurate piece. It’s particularly important for custom essays because they don’t follow any usual format in the first place.

Once we send the final piece to you, you’re free to send it back for quick revisions. Of course, the revisions should be within reason, and we’ll provide them for free.

Custom College Essays for Sale on a Friendly Platform

To get your college paper to reflect your needs, you’ll need to order properly. And to order properly, you need a user-friendly interface.

Here at CollegeEssaysForSale, we always try to make your experience as seamless as possible. Hence, we provide you with the order form right after you land on the page. The form contains all the dropdown menus you need to place the order.

In case you haven’t used our services or any other similar services before, we have an FAQ section containing the answer to all of your questions. If you can’t find the answer to your query even in the FAQ, just reach out via the chat function. Our support agents are extremely helpful, and they are waiting 24/7 to answer your queries.

Who Writes the Custom Essays for Sale Cheap?

It’s only obvious that academic writers play the most vital role in the essay writing process. Many clients don’t bother asking about the writers and/or verifying their credentials. Here at CollegeEssaysForSale, we believe each of our clients should know what they’re getting into.

Our writer portfolio is available on the website. You can browse through it to get the complete list of writers, their academic backgrounds, qualifications in your particular line of study, and customer testimonials.

One of our strengths is that we don’t hire cheap writers from 3rd world countries. We charge our customers a fair amount, and the majority goes to qualified writers who spent a lot of time and money getting here.